Bike Room

Doc Brown

Great Scott, a repair station that works!

Product Description

Users of bike rooms often need to make small tune-ups to keep their bikes on the road but many public work stands are poorly designed lacking either function to meet users’ needs or form to fit the space you are trying to make.

The Doc Brown is the all in one repair station that’s centralises all the tools a rider could ever need which means happy faces, and no messy spaces.

Features / Benefits

  • Professional bike clamp
  • Black mild steel repair stand
  • Leather guard to protect powdercoating from tools rubbing
  • Bike maintenance tools

Interested in the Doc Brown?

Technical Details

Unit Weight: 30 kg
Height: 1530 mm
Width: 235 mm
Depth: 570 mm
Warranty: 5 Years
Lead Time: Ex Factory - Otherwise 3 Weeks

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