For those heavy (and flat) days.

Product Description

A bike's tyres can (and do) become flat and really put a dent on a users day if they don't have the facilities to deal with the issue. Incorporating just any ol' pump into your bike room won't do the trick either - cheap pumps are often poorly made and require regular repairs. You need a quality, fixed pump that fits nicely into your project's budget (and space).

The McFly is a heavy-duty, easy to use, stainless steel pump that is reliable and built to last. Help your users out when they're in a tough spot without breaking the bank.

Features / Benefits

  • Stainless steel longevity and shine
  • Universal valve head and easy to read gauge for ease of use
  • Integrated wheel catch to hold bike upright while pumping tyres

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 5 kg Height: 260 mm Width: 300 mm Depth: 240 mm
Warranty: 5 Years Lead Time: Ex Factory - Otherwise 3 Weeks

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