Design Feasibility.

  • We can provide you with a space estimation figure (sqm) needed for the facility based on the available ceiling heights, the number of bikes, lockers and showers you are required to supply in the facility.
  • Looking at the available footprint, layout and flow of the current facility or proposed area, we can advise and recommend where things should go.
  • Provide information on what comparable buildings are providing.
  • Site Tours of other facilities.
  • Benchmarking the number of bike spaces, lockers and showers required for your facility (city dependant).

Design Recommendations.

  • Project specific recommendations on amenities and trends etc.
  • Ratios for showers, toilets, sinks, lockers and ammenities etc.
  • Recommended percentages for meeting demographic demand.
  • Our project principles will help you create great bike parking and changing rooms.
  • Locker to desk ratios for commercial office workspaces.
  • Provide us with your design and we will review then supply feedback and recommendations on your initial layout (Six Hats).

Spatial Design.

When it comes to your space, functionality must rule as if your active users had a hand in designing it. With over 10 years of experience and knowledge in this specific field we can provide you with a layout for the bike and/or changing rooms. 

We can approach the design of your facility in many ways to meet your brief. Just contact us to receive a bespoke design for your project (free of charge).

Final Design.

  • Feedback and recommendations on the developed layout and amenities to provide quick and easy wins to improve the facility without making drastic changes (Six Hats).
  • Provide value engineering product and layout options (where possible).
  • Check bike layout to make sure it complies with Australian Standards (AS2980.3).