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Product Description

Horizontal parking is popular with users but has a pitfall you should avoid. Some systems pack bikes in like sardines and can’t fit the advertised capacity. Other systems like the hoop, fail to support the bike and the result is bikes falling over everywhere.

The Wishbone is a stylish horizontal parker that marries the simplicity of a hoop with the seat holding stability of a triathlon rack. Spacious and easy to access, the Wishbone creates a bike room experience that is pleasant, looks great, and includes premium leather touchpoints to protect users’ precious bikes from scratches.

Features / Benefits 

  • Accessible for all bikes including e-bikes, cargo bikes, and recumbents
  • Leather touch points prevent damage to the bike and rack (and looks great)
  • Shaped to maximise D lock compatibility

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 10 kg
Height: 1060 mm
Width: 1155 mm
Warranty: 5 Years
Lead Time: Ex Factory - Otherwise 3 Weeks
Using The Product

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