Bike Room

Flexible Locker

Storage to future proof your building.

Product Description

From e-scooters to folding bikes and segways, the micro-mobility landscape is rapidly shifting as governments’ regulations and pop trends collide.

You want to keep your project ahead of the pack but your Crystal Ball is broken? Never fear, the Flexible Locker is here! The ultimate flexible storage space built to future proof your build and handle growing micro-mobility trends with confidence. The flexible locker handles folding bikes, scooters, E-Devices, and clothes.

Features / Benefits

  • Two tier locker, 2 doors/unit
  • Powerpoint
  • Lock agnostic, routed for hardwired swipe system

Interested in the Flexible Locker?

Technical Details

Unit Weight: 35 kg
Height: 2000 mm (Excl. Base)
Standard Base Height: 100 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 700 mm
Warranty: 7 Years
Lead Time: 6 Weeks

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It's not just bike parking, it’s art.
For storing the essentials.
Make every space count without cramping your style.