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Contrary to the name, this industry-leading box locker will solve all your problems. With an updated base design, our patented Pandora locker cleverly recesses into its flexible base, which means it fits into almost any space.


This deep box locker knows a super generous hanging height and integrated bench seating with shoe storage. When you absolutely need to fit in the most amount of lockers and bench seating, there is no equal because integrated is very efficient.

Accessible Locker

Accessibility should never be an afterthought and in your next change room, it won’t be. Thanks to the Accessible Locker you can create a friendly accessible change room that truly caters to all users without destroying your timeline or budget.

Airing Station

Even the most luxurious change rooms can become uninviting when those stale and unpleasant odors linger. By including a designated space for airing out sweaty clothes, you’ll make stinky change rooms a thing of the past. The Airing Station uses mechanical ventilation to not only keep the odors where they belong, but to assist with drying users’ clothes.

Towel Station

People love free towels! But that demand can quickly cause operational problems if not facilitated correctly. Our Towel Station is a simple design that distributes clean towels and collects the dirty ones, increasing user engagement, change room hygiene, and makes cleaners’ lives easier.

Iron Maiden

The first ironing station specifically designed for the needs of commercial change rooms. Accessible for left and right handed users, easily replaceable consumable parts and additional storage space is all built in to the unit.


The Seymour steamer is a premium user experience that’s more effective than ironing. On the finer detail, the unit is also lockable and all parts are easy to replace without professional trade installation.

Charge-O Shine-O

Modern life is busy, look after the people using your change room with additional thoughtful amenities. The Charge-o Shine-o incorporates a commercial grade shoe shiner with 30 lockable charging bays great for topping up phones and bike lights.


The Mustafa is a high-end Ottoman that is as functional as it is beautiful, providing integrated shoe and bag storage, and premium finishes to match your room’s beautiful aesthetic.

Towel Services

Our superior towels and superb service don’t only deliver personal comfort, but also reduce the total economic costs for your building. This creates better value for you, your building and the planet. Contact us to learn more.