Modern Office

Box Locker

Multi-tier options that provide for all kinds of storage needs

Product Description
As employee’s working conditions are becoming more flexible, so should the space they work. Corner offices and permanent desks are becoming less and less common, meaning personal space for storing belongings at your desk is no longer an option.

The Box Locker is the flexible office companion that molds to users’ needs.  Available in a number of tier options to suit any space.

Features / Benefits

  • Multi tier options available 
  • Secure storage
  • Compatible with hardwired locking systems
  • Customisable additions: USB outlets, shelves, mail slots

Interested in the Box Locker?

Technical Details

Unit Weight: 17.5 kg
Height: 2000 mm (Excl. Base)
Standard Base Height: 100 mm
Width: 300 mm & 400 mm Options
Depth: 500 mm
Warranty: 7 Years
Lead Time: 10 Weeks

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