End of Trip Facilities

We invigorate workplaces to help you redefine the office experience. We design and deliver world-class end of trip facilities and office fit-outs to improve the quality of your buildings and increase their long term value.

By providing modern, inviting spaces for your users, you’re able to provide an experience that enables you to attract and retain top talent, and long-term tenants.
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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Offering top-class end of trip facilities attract higher-value tenants—and your ongoing service keeps them there.

Increase Long Term Value

Modern office and end of trip facilities are becoming bigger drawcards, as more people demand spaces that support an active and healthy working lifestyle.

Improve UX & Satisfaction

Vibrant office spaces and amenities, with flexible services, deliver a modern office experience that nurtures a positive, long term relationship between you and your tenants.

Don’t let your buildings fall victim to increasingly high vacancy rates, uninspired spaces or low rental return.

With more time spent working remotely, people expect more from their office spaces. They want more than just uninspired cubicles. As the daily commute changes to a more active lifestyle, it’s crucial to offer modern, sophisticated end of trip facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond; inspired office spaces that cater to your tenants’ evolving needs.

Create an office and end of trip experience that people can’t stop talking about

Reinvigorating your end of trip facilities design and offering, provides your tenants with that little taste of luxury every day.

By redesigning your end of trip locker spaces, change rooms, and refreshing your office spaces with modern, sustainable finishes, you’re creating an office space people want to come to.

We’re Five At Heart, a trusted partner to building owners globally with a track record of modernising office spaces all around the world.

When redesigning your office amenities there’s a balance to strike between form, function, and the dollar figure—we get that. But you also want to create spaces that your tenants want to work in.

Since 2007, Five At Heart has transformed spaces across the globe. From Melbourne to London, Sydney to San Francisco, we design, manufacture, and install innovative end of trip facilities, change room amenities, bike parking, and office spaces that exceed the needs of businesses and cyclists alike.

Our End of Trip Facility Solutions

Bike Parking

You’ve seen them on the roads. You’ve seen them on the city streets. Cycling to work is skyrocketing in popularity. So to attract long-term tenants, it’s critical for building owners to offer modern spaces within your buildings that fit the modern, active lifestyles that people and organisations are looking for.

We help you create a functional and seamless arrival experience for these active commuters, with a range of end of trip lockers and bike racks to suit all users. Secure, stylish, and with innovative designs, you can maximise your space and provide secure bike locker options for commuters of all fitness levels.

Change Rooms

Make it a pleasure to come to work with customised change room solutions. With a modern fit-out, elegant designs, and practical touches like ironing stations and clothing steamers, you’re offering a space that makes getting to the office a breeze.

Lockers & Towel Service

Our customised, secure end of trip lockers allow your users to store their clothing and possessions safely for the entire day. And with our end of trip towel service, Five at Heart will pick up, wash, drop off, and keep track of all your towel needs for you.

Office Spaces

How we work is changing. Gone are the days of flat, boring cubicles. At Five at Heart, we help you create an office space that inspires and attracts. Combining timeless design with ultimate usability, you can deliver an office experience that delivers the agility and function expected in the modern office.

Get soundproof future-ready quiet spaces, customised end-of-trip locker design, and secure employee lockers that enable your tenants to work as flexibly as they need.

Our Proven Process

Step 1: Assess

Our design specialists visit your site, allowing us to understand your size and space constraints, and your user journey.

Step 2: Design

We work with you to create an end of trip facilities design that takes into account your specific requirements, number of tenants and their use cases, and maximises efficiency for your users.

Step 3: Revitalise

You provide your tenants or employees a smoother end of trip experience, with modern luxury amenities and an office space that inspires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products manufactured?

We are a proud Aussie business, doing project across the global, and our supply chain reflects this. This way we bring the best of world to our clients.

Our Change Room Products

All our market leading joinery made locally for each market we service, so that is joinery factories in 3 continents and counting. The vast majority of the locks we use in our projects come from Europe, it’s the home of the best lock tech.

Bike Room Products

The company was founded in Brisbane, Australia (soon to be the home of the olympics)! We still manufacture most of our bike room lines here from global supply requirements, including the Arc, Track, Silver Bullets, McFly, Doc Brown and DeLorean. The helps us maintain exacting standard particular with the units with moving parts.

Supply of static racks comes from Bristol (England) for our Wishbone and Hoop and Dili (East Timor).

What’s the lead time like on your end of trip facilities design?

We keep some stock of all our major lines, and manufacture most of the other lines locally so lead time is rarely a major factor on our projects. If it is not in stock, if we lock in all your needs, we can generally have something to you within 6 weeks.

What other sectors do you work with?

As well delivering market leading end of trip facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, London, San Francisco and Toronto, we provide collaboration and storage products for modern workplaces.

Whatever industry you’re in, we custom-design end of trip facilities and workplace products that will meet your needs.

Do your end of trip lockers meet AS 2890.3 standards?

AS2890.3 (2015) sets the standard for quality bike parking designs in Australia, and are integral to the successful design of end of trip facilities.

Five at Heart’s products are design, manufactured and configured to meet or exceed these standards which results in user friendly end of trip facilities.

And it’s no surprise: our CEO, Mark Rossiter, sat on the board that help developed the Standard.

You can read more about it here, learn about how our end of trip product designs fit in with these principles, and what it means for your building.

How secure are your end of trip lockers?

Our end of trip lockers are designed to maximise the space available for your tenants, with spacious clothing areas, ingenious shoe lockers, and a range of security options to keep their clothing safe all day long. Choose from simple key locks, digital key pads, all the way to hardwired swipe card systems that can integrate with your existing BMS.

Do your end of trip lockers and facilities come with a warranty?

We offer a 5-year warranty on all our bike racks, and a 7-year warranty on all our end of trip lockers. See our spec sheets for more details.

Do you offer custom end of trip facilities design?

Yes, we offer custom design consultations for your spaces. We have worked with many of the world most prestige buildings to bring great user experiences to their tenants. Check out our inspiration gallery here (link).

Our UX design team work with you to create a layout that supports your building’s based on considerable benchmarking to code and competitive sites to establish quantities needed. From there we also benchmark quality, mostly generosity and amenity inclusions so the final space wows users and ensures you maximise the return on your investment.