Change Room


Deceivingly simple storage but with all the bells and whistles.

Product Description

Lockers are the most personal part of any change room experience, so getting it right matters. If you are looking for the perfect balance of hanging height, overall height and user experience, the Pandora has you covered.

The Pandora design uses a combination of sloping shoe shelves and a recessed base to separate shoes from clothes and maintain generous hanging dimensions.

Features / Benefits

  • Proprietary recessed based allows for generous hanging height for each door while maintaining a standard locker height of 2.1m
  • Separated shoe storage helps keep users clothes fresh¬†
  • Make sure to order matching end panels to conceal gaps and exposed sides. 

Interested in the Pandora?

Technical Details

Unit Weight: 17.5 kg
Height: 2000 mm (Excl. Base)
Standard Base Height: 100 mm
Width: 300 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Warranty: 7 Years
Lead Time: 6 Weeks

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