Double-tier parking, but make it sexy.

Product Description

Project demands for bike parking capacity keep growing but the space allocated for this use is not growing proportionally. If you want to hit that targeted bike capacity but maintain the design intent of the space, then the Arc is for you.

The Arc is a striking Australian made double tier parker that is easy to use and makes a statement about how much you care about users and the space you are creating.

Features / Benefits

  • Weighted pivots counter balance the weight of the bike for passive lifting
  • No gas strut required, minimizing wear and tear (and maintenance)
  • Unique Shape creates a bold impression in rooms
  • Secure and easy locking for any type of lock
  • Dynamic and modular design allows for better densities (400mm centre spacing)

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 53 kg Height: 2100 mm Width: 2100 mm Depth: 230 mm
Warranty: 5 Years Lead Time: Ex Factory - Otherwise 3 Weeks

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