We’re tenants, employers, and employees ourselves. So we know what a stale office space can feel like. That’s actually why we started doing what we do.

Since 2007, Five at Heart has been designing and installing innovative products and storage solutions for building owners and businesses. We now create elegant, functional, visually-stunning work lockers and office storage solutions that your people want to use and look forward to using daily.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Attract high-value talent by building spaces that promote an agile working environment, with a playful twist.

Improve User Experience

Deliver what feels like a high-end luxury experience that your users can’t get anywhere else—without the price tag.

Storage lockers that complement your office furniture

Leverage the booming hybrid work model and provide secure, flexible storage that businesses of all types can use, regardless of how they work.

Our Modern Office Locker Solutions

Flexible (By Design)

Customised office and storage lockers to create an inspiring space your tenants want to work in

We make building an innovative, modern office easy, by offering standardised dimensions for all of our products that fit perfectly with your well-designed spaces. Your tenants and employees feel like it was made just for them. Most people spend a lot of time at work, and having the perfect place to store personal belongings, with enough space to suit, makes the office feel more like home.

The All New Flow Hub

Work better, whether it’s face to face meetings, video conferencing, phone calls, or quiet time. The Flow Hub combines an adjustable desk and fold down seats to maximize access and workplace flexibility.

Meet the Lumbergh

The absolute best a storage locker can get. With generous clothes and shoe storage, a private fridge, leather-covered wireless charging, a powerpoint and more. Make a statement, be bold, run free.

Discover the Gibbons

Gibbons is the agile working locker for everyone. Featuring a vertical item holder, physical in-tray, hot box caddy and convenient power point for charging up. Stuff never had it so good.

Introducing the Box Locker

Our Box Lockers provide ample storage for the essentials to make agile work, actually work. A flexible storage solution that gets the job done beautifully, without a hefty price tag.

The Tuni

The locker made for dresses, devices, hats, oh my! The Tuni is a full height locker that can accessibly store full outfits whilst providing access to dual charging points and shoe store.

If your office storage doesn’t accommodate the evolving needs of your tenants, they’re going to find somewhere that does

As hybrid work environments gain more traction, businesses and tenants expect more flexibility from their office lockers and storage space. We help you create an office space experience that your tenants love—one they’re proud to call their office.

Our Proven Process

Step 1: Book a Call

Get in touch with us to book a discovery call. We discuss your situation and how you can optimise your storage with modern work locker solutions.

Step 2: Design Your Solution

We review your office plans and scope up the perfect proposal, with products that meet your needs—including all the playful extras that we know your users will love.

Step 3: Create a Modern Office

Select from a wide range of finishes to make your functional and elegant storage spaces uniquely yours, and create a truly innovative modern office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my employees need work lockers?

With hybrid and flexible working environments in high demand due to covid, office lockers are a necessity. Without permanent desks, employees will need to cart their belongings with them to and from work—which, believe us, gets old fast. By providing office lockers that include thoughtful features and clever amenities, hot desking will be so easy that your tenants will forget they ever had a permanent desk.

How much will it cost to install office lockers in my building? I’m worried it’s too expensive.

The value of your work lockers are what’s inside them, so we don’t scrimp on the quality of services included in each locker.

But we know that our clients want a cost-effective option. We can offer standardised dimensions, a range of finishes, and different lock options as a way to help you design elegant staff lockers that are still within your budget.

Why do my office lockers need powerpoints? Everyone has power at their desk.

Our lockers are meant to provide everything your tenants and employee might need when storing their belongings. This includes their devices and electronics that might need charging up.

Think about it: you use your phone or tablet on the way to work, use it during your commute, use it throughout the day. When you’re taking a shower after your ride into work, or you’re freshening up before you head out after you clock off, imagine how useful it would be to have a locker where you can charge up?

Our innovative staff lockers ensure you’ll never worry about losing power again.

Can you customise my office locker solution to my building space?

We want your work lockers and storage spaces to be functional and suit your users. So if you want, say, drawers instead of shelves, or double wide lockers with two doors, we can definitely discuss this as an option for your staff lockers. However, please be aware that customisations to our range of lockers do come with an increased cost and longer lead time than standard dimensions.

If there are specific requirements you’re trying to meet with customisations, we’re happy to talk these through and offer alternative products that could potentially meet your lockers’ needs without having to pay the increased cost of customisation.

What’s the lead time like on your office lockers and work lockers design process?

All our products, from our work lockers to our bike racks, are manufactured in Australia. This means our Australian customers enjoy reduced lead times when compared to international providers. Our lead times run as little as 6 weeks, allowing us to get your office storage lockers up and running faster.

What sectors do you work with to deliver office locker facilities?

We’ve delivered innovative, market-leading office locker and end-of-trip facility solutions to businesses and buildings in Melbourne, Sydney, London, San Francisco, and Toronto.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work in a space they love, so we’re industry agnostic, which we’re not tied down to any one sector. Instead, we choose to work with modern businesses and buildings that want to create thoughtfully-designed buildings, communal spaces, and workplaces.

Optimise your storage with modern locker solutions