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About Us

Function first, with elegant form

Our design philosophy is focused on the experience of the end user
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About Five at Heart

We create the world’s best bike rooms, change rooms, and modern workplace experiences.

Covering everything from bicycle parking and gear storage to showers, change rooms, office floors, and meeting spaces, we handle it all seamlessly.

We view space not as a limitation but as an opportunity for innovation, embracing challenges as our bread and butter and sharing our best insights along the way.

Five at Heart is rooted in sustainability by designing and manufacturing beautiful and innovative products that inspire people to choose sustainable transportation. 

Our work doesn’t stop there. As a global company we understand that every aspect of our business has an impact on the world so we are taking steps towards a carbon neutral future.


Justin Sires 

Founder | Chief of Partnerships & New Business

Michael Coley 

Chief Executive Officer

Thea McAndrew

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Stringer

General Manager

Matt White 

General Manager | Projects & Installation

Vaughn Ganpat

General Manager of Projects UK/EA

Brian McMahon

Operations Manager | Laundry

Grace Randell

Head of Business Development APAC

Chris Rhodes

Head of Business Development UK/EU

Xander Bostock 

Product Design Lead

Josh Kimberley

Design Manager

Katie Iacullo

Client Engagement & Marketing Manager

Laurence Brancato 

Lead Estimator 

Anthony Turner

Production Manager

Brett McDonald

Project Manager