About Us

We change how people move by designing inspiring & creative spaces.

Our products are designed by riders for riders, making cycling to work a flawless experience. Whether it’s commercial bike parking, office lockers or full-service change rooms, our goal is to make it easier for everyone to get on their bike and feel five at heart again.

About Five at Heart

What We Do

What We Do

Since 2007, Five At Heart has transformed spaces across the globe by designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative bike parking and change room facilities that exceed the needs of businesses and cyclists alike.

We consult on projects big and small, keep riders rolling with fresh towels, and thrive in areas that others deem impossible to change.

We’re innovators. We’re cyclists.
We’re Five At Heart.

Who We Are

Thinking that pushes boundaries. Impossible is not in our vocabulary. We believe that space should not be seen as a limitation, but as an opportunity to innovate.

Challenges are our bread-and-butter, we share our best learnings along the way.

What We Do

Our Supply Chain

Here at Five at Heart, we love ethical supply chain thinking. In 2016, as a small Aussie company, we partnered with a NGO in Timor Leste (East Timor) to move the manufacturing of our Cradle rack from China, to produce to our knowledge, Timor’s first manufactured export.

Since then, we have been expanding production and continue to provide formal training and quality job opportunities to a part of the world that truly needs it.

Work With Us

We’re a fun loving, hard working crew who want to make the world a little better every single day. If you have skills and big dreams and can see a place for yourself in our team, please get in touch!