Meeting Pods

Create a workplace revolution - redesign the way you collaborate. Designed for dynamic teams and forward-thinking businesses, these meeting pods redefine the meeting experience.
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Advanced Audio-Visual Integration

Experience crystal-clear communication with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. Our Meeting Pods have high-quality displays, audio systems, and video conferencing capabilities to ensure seamless virtual collaboration.

Privacy and Focus

Turn down the outside noise. Create a distraction-free zone with acoustic excellence. Our pods provide a quiet space for focused discussions, ensuring that your team can collaborate without external interruptions.

Smart Control Hub

Take charge of your meetings with our integrated smart control hub. Manage lighting, temperature, and audio-visual settings at the touch of a button, allowing you to create the ideal atmosphere for productive discussions.

Meeting Pods - A Space Your Team Will Be Excited To Collaborate In

Welcome to the future of meetings – where creativity flows, ideas flourish, and collaboration reaches new heights. Gone are the outdated spaces that make meetings feel like a chore, with the exceptional design and functionality of a state-of-the-art Meeting Pod. 

They offer the perfect solution for employees who need a dedicated, private space to share ideas and are also excellent for teams working on projects together who thrive in the same room.

A Private Space Within An Open Plan Office

Workspaces that are a hub of activity can keep your team motivated to create incredible work. They can also be fraught with interruptions that make it hard to keep your attention in one place. Renovating an office is expensive and also is bound to distract your employees while office renos are carried out.

Installing a meeting pod is a quick and efficient process, as the pod is delivered ready for use! You can also rest assured that your purchase can come with you in the event of a move, being highly portable and adaptable to different spaces. You can style and brand it as you see fit and customise our range of offerings to suit your team’s needs.

 Redefine Meetings With Office Pods That Have It All

The All New Flow Hub

Say hello to the ultimate office pod. When you need flexibility in a fixed or open office, look no further than the Flow Hub. The Flow Hub combines an adjustable desk and fold-down seats to maximise access and workplace flexibility. Give your users the privacy they need for meetings, video conferencing, quiet time, or getting in the zone.

Why Choose Our Meeting Room Pods?

Open-plan offices are an excellent environment to create a workspace buzz. Unfortunately, the constant noise can make it hard to focus on the work at hand or collaborate with others – minus the distractions and interruptions.

Meeting pods are a highly cost-effective way to allocate new spaces built to suit your business. Whether providing peace from the whir of the workplace or a modern and private space to meet with clients and customers, a meeting room pod will bring a whole new level of interaction and productivity into your workspace.

More Collaboration, Less Noise

Say goodbye to uninspiring meeting rooms. Our Meeting Pods encourage collaboration, providing a custom-designed environment that sparks creativity and fosters productive discussions. You can transform even the most meetings into engaging sessions that leave a lasting impression.

Personal Office Phone Booths

While phone booths seem like a relic of a bygone era, adding a personal and private phone booth – complete with wifi and video conference capability is a much more future-oriented idea for your office. Soundproof office pods serve as a meeting room made for hosting engaging video conferences.

You can set a meeting phone booth up to your team’s exact requirements, with screens, speakers and acoustic levels all designed to bring out the best from video and phone calls. With a meeting phone booth – you can say goodbye to noise-cancelling headsets, or trying to set your space to look professional as a video call comes in.

A Meeting Room With Flexible Configurations

Whether you need an intimate space for brainstorming or a more extensive setup for team presentations, our meeting room pods offer configuration flexibility. You can choose from a range of sizes and layouts that perfectly accommodate your team’s unique needs and meeting styles.

Even better? If you need a scenic change, you can move your portable pod to different locations within an open-plan office, ensuring no one gets bored with the view!

Impressive Aesthetics

Make a statement with meeting spaces that exude modern elegance. Our pods are designed with sleek lines, contemporary finishes, and customisable features to align with your brand aesthetic. Impress clients and inspire your team in an environment that reflects professionalism.

Exceptional Integrations

Integrate our meeting pods effortlessly into your office layout. From open office spaces to collaborative zones, these pods adapt seamlessly, allowing you to optimise available space without requiring extensive renovations. Ventilation fans, climate control and lighting – we’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to, including a fire extinguisher to meet safety regulations.

BYO Office Furniture, Or Have It Built In

You can furnish our meeting pods, or, we can deliver them fully furnished – the choice is yours. We have a complete range of clever solutions that we can provide, including collapsible bench seats, sit-down/ stand-up desks and tables that can be folded away to open up your pod space.

Our Proven Process

Step 1: Schedule An Experience

See the magic office pods create unfold in person. Schedule a time to experience our meeting pods – the comfort, technology, and aesthetics. Immerse yourself in the possibilities and envision how these pods can transform the team’s collaborative efforts.

Step 2: Customisation Options

When you know the size and functionality, you can start designing your meeting room pod to align with your brand and workspace aesthetics. Choose from an array of finishes, colours, and interior configurations to create a meeting space that reflects your company’s style.

Step 3: Effortless Installation

Once you’ve selected the ideal Meeting Pod, our team will handle the installation process. Enjoy a hassle-free setup, allowing your team to dive into productive meetings immediately. 

Change The Way You Work Today

Ready to reimagine your space? Embrace the future of meetings with our meeting pods. Elevate your team’s productivity, foster creativity, and impress clients in a meeting room that blends style with functionality.

Contact us now to schedule a chat and embark on a journey to redefine your meeting experience with office meeting pods that will inspire innovation. Welcome to the future of productive meetings.