The Arc is an excellent way for storing bikes in a safe and space efficient manner. With a simple usage and weighted pivot this is an Arc for all people.


The gold standard of vertical bike parking. The shape cradles the bike’s tire snugly regardless of style. The Cradle is an all round advancement and the gold standard of vertical parking.


A statement about how much you care for users. The Wishbone uses an elevated seat rest so each bike self-positions effortlessly, while hard-wearing leather protects against knocks.


Maximize capacity and user experience. The Virgil is a vertical rack that is fender friendly, requires minimal lifting, holds the front tyre instead of roughing up the rim, and it looks great while doing it.


When planning out a bike room there is often thin leftover space, which generally goes wasted. If you are looking to push your space hard but maintain a stylish, uncluttered feeling at the same time, the Halo is for you.

Doc Brown

The Doc Brown is the all in one repair station that’s centralises all the tools a rider could ever need which means happy faces, and no messy spaces.


When you absolutely, positively, need to pump up those tires, accept no substitute. The McFly’s fail safe air compression mechanism and heavy duty universal head create a robust tyre pumping machine.


Stylish, heavy duty and guaranteed to make all users feel like their bike room has their back regardless of what life may throw at them. A monolith of hope on a rainy day.

Easy Rider

The Easy Rider locker is designed for riders to fit in the basics (helmet and shoes) and charge any essentials (like bike lights) throughout the day. The Easy Rider will help you create a flexible and space-efficient bike room that reduces wasted space, improves foot traffic, and keeps your project clutter-free.

Penny Farthing

If you are trying to make space for bikes in the public realm and actually want them to be used, you need something that is eye catching and can be placed in areas with high foot traffic.

Silver Bullet Post

The Silver Bullet Post is a sturdy vertical structure that allows you to tailor a space to work just as envisioned, whilst meeting a project’s budget and capacity requirements through the flexible and ingenious use of space.

Bike Lock Bar

Our Bike Lock Bar conveniently gathers locks in one place to prevent a mess and ensure a premium user experience. Users won’t have to lug the heavy locks with them on their commutes, and the room looks neat and orderly with everything in its right place.

Flexible Locker

The ultimate flexible storage space built to future proof your build and handle growing micro-mobility trends with confidence. The Flexible Locker handles folding bikes, scooters, E-Devices, and clothes.

Flux Capacitor

The Flux Capacitor has a dual e-bike charger and is ceiling mounted so it can be easily retro fitted to an existing space, avoiding the need to re-build or re-structure a perfectly well put together bike room.