Bike Room

Improve how people move with the best bike parking facilities the world over.


The Arc is an excellent way for storing bikes in a safe and space efficient manner. With a simple usage and weighted pivot this is an Arc for all people.


The gold standard of vertical bike parking. The shape cradles the bike’s tire snugly regardless of style. The Cradle is an all round advancement and the gold standard of vertical parking.


A statement about how much you care for users. The wishbone uses an elevated seat rest so each bike self-positions effortlessly, while hard-wearing leather protects against knocks. 

Doc Brown

The minimal bike stand with a professional mechanic quality clamp and anti tangle tools. Users love the convenience and accessibility, it’s the perfect patch up station for all riders.


When you absolutely, positively, need to pump up those tires, accept no substitute. The McFly’s fail safe air compression mechanism and heavy duty universal head create a robust tyre pumping machine.