Design Benchmarking.

Determine the amount of bike parking spaces, lockers and showers you may need for your projects, with our free bike and change room benchmarking calculator for commercial office buildings. 

We benchmark to: 

  • WELLS and Fit Well
  • You local Green Building Code
  • Local Town Planning requirement 
  • Current Local Mode Share (with 30% room for growth)

Standards & Planning Codes.

The latest standards & codes, comprehensively compiled. 
When designing the perfect bike parking facility in Australia, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the AS2890.3 (2015) – that is, the Australian Standard for Bike Parking Facilities.

Design Recommendations & Ratios.

With years of experience and knowledge in this field, we have collected an abundance of data when it comes to workspace and end-of-trip facilities. 
download our recommendations & ratios pack to learn more about: 

  • Space estimation
  • Bike, locker, shower and amenity ratios
  • Gender split for end-of-trip facilities
  • Locker to desk ratio for commercial on floor workplaces

The Pocket Guide To: Bike Parking & Change Rooms.

Our Handy guide on best practices for bike room and change room facilities. Concepts of integrative street scapes, lobbies, accessibility, circulation, space planning, ratios and user amenity will be touched on.

FF&E Schedule.

Download our FF&E schedule file which will make documenting your project so much easier!

You can simply and quickly copy and paste all the relevant information you need.

Six Hats (Peer Review).

We invite you to engage in an in-depth analysis and review of the layout of the end-of-trip facility you’re designing. Harnessing Edward De Bono’s six thinking hats, this approach facilitates examining your project from diverse angles. 

Our commitment? Offering complimentary feedback to elevate your facility to best-in-class status, ensuring it becomes a beloved destination for users.

Global Trends.

In recent years, a global pandemic has profoundly shaped our world, causing disruptions of varying scales across major economies. 

Now, we’re observing the impact of these disruptions on transportation and real estate sectors. Discover the latest trends and amenities that buildings are incorporating to attract tenants back.

Cycle Heart Rating.

Analyse how your current or future end-of-trip facility measures up against global standards. 

Getting a Cycle Heart Rating is simple: organise site access and/or share the facility’s design plan with Five At Heart representative. We will then grade your facility on safety, security and overall usability by answering 70 carefull crafted questions. 

Easy as Pie