Fender friendly vertical parking, but make it sexy.

Product Description

Maximize capacity and user experience. Your bike room will not only hit your targets, but will accommodate a variety of users (and their bikes). The Virgil is a vertical rack that is, first and foremost, fender friendly; it requires minimal lifting, holds the front tyre instead of roughing up the rim, and it looks great while doing it.

Add some variety and innovation to your vertical bike parking with the visually appealing Virgil rack. Your users will thank you.

Features & Benefits

  • Fender friendly and accommodates a variety of tyre sizes
  • Easy to use, requires only passive lifting
  • Holds the tyre, avoiding damage to the rim or wheel

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 15 kg Height: 720 mm Width: 800 mm Depth: 250 mm
Warranty: 5 Years Lead Time: Ex Factory - Otherwise 3 Weeks

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