The locker made for dresses, devices, hats, oh my!

Product Description

Include a variety of locker options to cater to different people's needs! The Tuni is a full height locker that can accessibly store full outfits whilst providing access to dual charging points and shoe store.

Users are confident and happy with storage that caters to their needs so they can go from business to business casual and fancy lunch at the drop of a hat, with charged devices, crisp clothes and zero dramas.

Features / Benefits

  • Full height locker accommodates longer garments (like dresses)
  • Separated shoe shelf prevents dirty shoes from mixing with clean clothes
  • Additional shelf with powerpoint for charging devices gives users everything they need to take on the day

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 17.5 kg Height: 2000 mm Width: 250 mm Depth: 600 mm
Warranty: 7 Years Lead Time: 12 Weeks

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