Bike Room


No more lifting, no more hooks, no more damaged bikes (and hearts).

Product Description

Vertical bike parking is space-efficient, but without consideration, it often comes with many downsides including being difficult to use, damaging users bikes, and lacking pizzazz. When you’re making a bike room and want to give users the highest quality experience, look no further than the Cradle.

Designed for bike riders (not weightlifters), this vertical rack cradles the front wheel and is easy as pie to use. Sustainably sourced, tough as nails with an innovative, sleek design – the Cradle is ready to fit your project’s targets and vision and make you look like a rockstar.

Features / Benefits

  • Wall-mounted vertical bike rack
  • Combine with Silver Bullet Post when wall-mounting isn’t possible
  • Mild steel, FAH Black powder coat
  • No active lifting is required
  • Modular design and simple installation
  • Accommodates most bike tyres
  • Has an optional Swivel Attachment
  • See the Virgil for our fender friendly vertical rack

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 4 kg
Height: 935 mm
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 540 mm
Warranty: 5 Years
Lead Time: Ex Factory - Otherwise 3 Weeks
Using The Product
How To Install

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Your secret weapon for space optimisation.
Making your (bike room) wishes come true.


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