Towel Service

Wet towels in lockers? No thanks! Offering a towel service for your tenants is a no brainer — not only does it deliver personal comfort for your tenants but the value-add is tremendous. The best part is when you use Five at Heart for your end-to-end towel service, we take care of all the details so you can focus on what you do best.
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Premium quality for the best price

While smaller, lighter towels seem like a cost-effective solution, they often lead to double toweling and higher service costs.
That’s why Five at Heart only offers towels that meet these standards:

  • Weight – 490 grams
  • GSM – 500
  • Dimensions – 70cm x 140cm
  • Materials – 100% combed cotton

Our weight guarantee

Quality is proportionate to weight.
The heavier the towel, the softer, stronger and more absorbent.

At Five at Heart we guarantee we will replace your towel when it falls below an agreed threshold.

Our exceptional service

Customized deliveries, super fast emergency deliveries and a team that has your back. Five at Heart will make sure you will always have enough towels.

We care about the environment

Our towels have the lowest environmental footprint in the market using:
  1. Certified ethically sourced towels
  2. Solar power
  3. 70% recycled water
  4. Environmentally friendly chemicals

Interested in our Towel Services?

Let us show you how our Towel Service can help compliment your space today.