Cycle Heart Rating

Interested in getting your facility a Cycle Heart Rating?

Want to discover how your current facility or future facility designs measure up against global industry standards?

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1. Share

How it works:
Getting a Cycle Heart Rating is simple: organise site access and/or share the facility’s design plan with a Five At Heart representative. We will then grade your facility on safety, security and overall usability by answering 70 carefully crafted questions. Easy as pie.

2. Assess

Our assessment covers:

  • Access & Traffic Flow
  • The Bike Room
  • The Change Room
  • Communication & Promotions
  • And all the extras that take your facility to the next level.

3. Receive

After the assessment you will receive:

  • A step-by-step walk through with a Five at Heart representative of your results.
  • A Cycle Heart Rating certification that scores your space(s) based on above-mentioned criteria. (digital format available for use in marketing materials).
  • Recommendations for improving the space(s) or taking it to the next level.
  • If your score is in the top 80th percentile, you can purchase a plaque to show the world your end-of-trip is the best.
What We Do

Cycle Heart Rated Buildings in the United Kingdom

  • 110 Bishopsgate (Heron Tower)
  • Lloyds of London Building
  • Principal Place (Amazon HQ)
  • The Scalpel
  • Southbank Central
  • 22 Bishopsgate
  • 90 Fetter Lane
  • 10 Queen Street place
  • Thames Valley Park (Building 4 Reading)
  • Portwall Place Bristol
  • Cadworks Glasgow

Cycle Heart Rated Buildings in Australia

  • 120 Spencer Street
  • 420 George Street
  • 101 Collins Street
  • 321 Exhibiton Street
  • 123 Albert Street
  • 130 Adelaide Street

Cycle Heart Rated Buildings in North America

  • 390 Bay Street, Toronto
  • 1800 9th Avenue, Seattle
  • 818 Stewart Street, Seattle
  • West 8th, Seattle
  • 160 Spear St, San Francisco
  • 111 Adelaide St, Toronto
  • 130 Adelaide St, Toronto
  • 85 Richmond St, Toronto
  • 200 Bay St, Toronto
  • 200 King Street West, Toronto
  • 18 York Street West, Toronto
  • 45 O’Connor (World Exchange Plaza)