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Redefining Storage Solutions for Schools & Universities

Welcome to a new era of storage solutions designed to meet the specific needs of students and staff. You can say goodbye to clunky old-school lockers with our modern range of safes with ample storage space for books, devices, bags and clothing changes. Our diverse range of school lockers offers secure storage and a touch of modernity to enhance your student’s study experience.

Our School Lockers

Introducing the Box Locker

Our Box Lockers provide ample storage for the essentials to make agile work, actually work. A flexible storage solution that gets the job done beautifully, without a hefty price tag.

Discover the Gibbons

Gibbons is the agile working locker for everyone. Featuring a vertical item holder, physical in-tray, hot box caddy and convenient power point for charging up. Stuff never had it so good.

Meet the Lumbergh

The absolute best a storage locker can get. With generous clothes and shoe storage, a private fridge, leather-covered wireless charging, a powerpoint and more. Make a statement, be bold, run free.

The Tuni

The locker made for dresses, devices, hats, oh my! The Tuni is a full height locker that can accessibly store full outfits whilst providing access to dual charging points and shoe store.

Why Choose Our School Lockers?

Tailored For Your Student's Specific Needs

Our school lockers are created with your staff and students’ needs in mind, durable and functional – but also modern and stylish. They can be built in custom sizes and matched to the design of modern educational spaces. From storing textbooks to securing laptops, our lockers provide versatile storage.

Whether you need compact storage for personal belongings or a larger space for bags and laptops, we have the perfect locker. Keys and locks can be customised to suit your required needs, allowing your students a safe place to leave their items so they can focus on their learning experience.

Affordable Solutions for Students

We understand that it’s important for schools and educational institutions to have budget-friendly options, even with long-term investments like locker rooms. Our lockers are high-quality, affordable, and can be sized and customised to fit the available space without breaking the bank.

Protect Valuables from Theft

Security is a top priority, especially as the costs of standard educational items have increased exponentially to keep up with technology. Our lockers are designed to protect your possessions, providing a safe space for valuable items such as laptops, bags, and personal belongings. Your students and team can rest assured that their items are secure and protected from theft

Customisable Options for Every Student

Tailor your locker to meet your specific requirements. Choose from our range of customisable options, including finishes, colours, and interior configurations. Create a locker that reflects your schools’ style while ensuring it meets staff and students’ storage needs.

We Deliver & Install

Our hassle-free delivery process ensures that your chosen lockers are delivered directly to your campus. No need to worry about transportation or setup – we take care of the details so you can focus on your studies.

Changing the Way Students Store and Secure Their Belongings

Invest in a storage solution that goes beyond the ordinary. Our lockers redefine school storage, offering security, affordability, and customisation. Join the many schools across Australia that choose Five At Heart school lockers to safely store their staff and students’ items and enhance their overall campus experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have school lockers with accessibility options?

We certainly do, and we are big believers that accessibility should always be considered part of an office or school locker installation. If you have specific requirements to meet accessibility needs at your campus, please tell us how we can help with a locker install that best suits your staff and student needs.

Are laminate lockers or plastic lockers more durable?

In the past, most school lockers were made of metal, which is an excellent option for durability but can be bent or dented. Wooden school lockers can be a perfect option for staff areas but are often not the best option for younger students as more care is needed to maintain the finish.

Plastic lockers in durable and bright-coloured finishes can be made of recycled plastic, which tends to be a popular option for students. Laminate lockers are also quite durable and come in various finishes that can be matched to your school interior.

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Explore our collection online or contact Five At Heart to organise a visit to experience our school lockers firsthand. See how our storage solutions can enhance your campus life, providing secure and stylish student options.