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Accessible Locker

Accessibility done right

Product Description

Accessibility should never be an afterthought and in your next change room, it won’t be. Thanks to the Accessible Locker you can create a friendly accessible change room that truly caters to all users without destroying your timeline or budget.

Our Accessible Locker is designed with a generous toe kick (recessed space under the lower locker door) and sliding doors so users with a wheelchair can approach and use the locker with ease. For maximum space efficiency, the upper half of the unit is equipped with four locker doors. The Accessible Locker will help you make sure all users have an equally stellar experience, including those that require a wheelchair.

Features / Benefits

  • Sliding doors allow for a direct approach without needing to back in or out to use
  • Generous toe kick allows users with wheelchairs to get up close and personal
  • Key lock included for accessible doors, ensuring compliance with accessibility requirements
  • Four additional locker doors maximises space
  • Make sure to order matching end panels to conceal gaps and exposed sides.

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Technical Details

Unit Weight: 35 kg
Height: 1850mm (Excl. Base)
Standard Base Height: 250mm
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Warranty: 7 Years
Lead Time: 6 Weeks
Using The Accessible Locker

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