Top Ideas for Commercial Bike Storage Solutions

More and more people are placing an increasing focus on their health and many people are increasing their physical activities by cycling more for their commute, rather than driving or taking public transport. This has only been increased by the ongoing effects of COVID 19, in fact, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the amount of people using public transport has nearly halved within a year, with 14% of survey participants using public transport in March 2021, compared with 23% who reported regular use of public transport before COVID-19 restrictions began in March 2020. 

Why is commercial bike storage so popular?

Cycling has long been a very popular mode of transportation, particularly for office workers in larger cities, and with a greater emphasis on fitness and health, particularly in the wake of COVID 19, they are only growing more popular. 

In Melbourne for example, the Monash Public Transport Research Group surveyed 2000 people from outer, middle and inner suburbs about how they travelled to work before and after COVID-19, and found that public transport usage is expected to drop by 20%, with bike commuting being predicted to increase by 55% when compared to pre-COVID levels, appropriate bike storage facilities have now become an absolute necessity.

In order to accommodate the growing usage of bikes as a commute option, safe and secure commercial bike storage is fast becoming a sought-after amenity for office buildings, residential buildings, and workplaces around the world.

Commercial bike rack options

There are many different options available for commercial bike storage, depending on your space available, your aesthetics, and your requirements. These include bike cages which can be accessed through a pin code, hooks you can hang your bikes from, and many others, but one of the most popular types of bike storage options is the commercial bike rack, as they are modern, space-saving, and come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any decor theme. 

When choosing a bike parking rack for your bike storage facility, you need to carefully consider several factors to help you make the right choice. You will need to factor in how many people will be using your facility, how much space you have available, and the look you want to create with your bike storage options. If you have limited floor space, a wall-mounted vertical bike storage option would suit you. Alternatively, if floor space isn’t a problem, then a statement making, floor-mounted commercial bike rack option would look great in your bike storage facility. 

If you have a lot of people that will use your facility to store their bikes, then you need to consider an option that can fit more bikes within an allocated space. A higher-density bike rack option would suit these requirements, while still making a positive visual statement within the bike storage facility. 

Inspiration for your commercial bike storage

Aside from the commercial bicycle rack itself, there are many other features you can include in your commercial bicycle storage to enhance the functionality and enjoyment for the end user.

Here are some ideas for your considerations:

  • Repair Stations

Professional-quality bicycle repair stations are a very useful feature to include in your commercial bike storage. Stations can include everything required to fix any mishaps your bike storage users might face on their cycle commute, to repair anything from a simple tyre puncture, to a full bike repair. 

  • Bike pumps

There is nothing worse than hopping on your bike to go home after a long day, and realising your tyres are flat. Help your users to remedy this annoying situation by providing bike tyre pumps in your commercial bike storage facility for added safety and peace of mind.

  • Lockers

A secure and stylish locker for users to store their cycling clothing, helmet, or other items that they don’t want to carry around will prove to be a valued feature of any commercial bike store facility. 

Investing in a bike rack for commercial buildings

If you are interested in improving the facilities of your commercial building by investing in commercial bike storage, then speak to the experienced and passionate team at Five at Heart.

For the past 15 years, Five At Heart has been transforming commercial buildings, businesses, and private facilities across the world by designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative end of trip facilities, change room amenities, and bike parking and storage facilities.

Start the process to improve your commercial building and get in touch with the Five at Heart team here or give us a call on 1300 769 332.

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