Five at Heart takes sustainability seriously. Starting with our product designs, to the sourcing of materials, our manufacturing process, all the way through each product’s life cycle, we have taken steps to minimise our impact on the environment.
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Ethical Supply Chain

As an Australian based company, we are proud to manufacture the majority of our products locally in Brisbane from our Arc racks and repair range, to all of our locker and joinery products (more on this below). Additionally, our patented Pandora locker bases are made out of recycled materials in Sydney.

In 2016, Five At Heart partnered with the Nazareth Foundation in Timor Leste (East Timor) to move the manufacturing of our Cradle rack from China and help up-skill the local labour force, create employment opportunities, and empower the local Timorese.

Renewable Energy

Sunshine is not something we lack in the great country of Australia and we make sure to take advantage of it. All of our change room products are manufactured using roughly 43% solar power and we can monitor and keep track of performance thanks to our smart SolarEdge inverters.

Since 2017, we have saved over 160k lbs of CO2 using renewable energy and we plan to run 100% of our factory on solar by 2040.


We only used certified ethically sourced textiles in all of our towel service operations. This is important to us as the internal working conditions in many factories are exploitative.

Most companies these days are committed to Modern Slavery statements, this sourcing commitment puts words into concrete action.

Circular Design

As innovators and designers we love a good challenge and we believe circularity is the key to minimizing and eventually eliminating waste. We now offer a line of products dedicated to circularity.

Our Goals for the Future

1) Lowest Footprint and Embodied Energy on the market. We are constantly researching new materials and techniques to improve the baseline effect of our initial manufacturing on our circular range.

2) Carbon Neutral Transport Footprint. We will double offset all our transport related emissions to make the transport carbon neutral wherever our products end up in the world. We aim to transition to electric vehicles for all of our deliveries by 2040.

3) Sustainable Packaging. Our circular range will use all reusable / recyclable packaging by 2040.