Accessible Locker

Product Description Accessibility should never be an afterthought and in your next change room, it won’t be. Thanks to the Accessible Locker you can create a friendly accessible change room that truly caters to all users without destroying your timeline or budget. Our Accessible Locker is designed with a generous toe kick (recessed space under […]


Product Description Demand for lockers is soaring and project requirements for locker capacity are growing to reflect this change. Often the available space to provide that capacity is not proportionally increased. This is where the Maximus can help. The Maximus, a super efficient two-door box locker with integrated bench seating and concealed shoe storage that […]


Product Description Lockers are the most personal part of any change room experience, so getting it right matters. If you are looking for the perfect balance of hanging height, overall height and user experience, the Pandora has you covered. The Pandora design uses a combination of sloping shoe shelves and a recessed base to separate […]

Bike Lock Bar

Product Description Stop the growing tangle of locks cluttering your bike racks before things get out of hand! Our Bike Lock Bar conveniently gathers locks in one place to prevent a mess and ensure a premium user experience. Users won’t have to lug the heavy locks with them on their commutes, and the room looks […]

Silver Bullet Post

Product Description When you’re making a bike room and need to maximise capacity while reducing costs, vertical parking is a great option, however vertical racks don’t work in locations without structural walls, significantly reducing your options. In these situations we have a silver bullet! The Silver Bullet Post is a sturdy vertical structure that allows […]

Penny Farthing

Product Description If you are trying to make space for bikes in the public realm and actually want them to be used, you need something that is eye catching and can be placed in areas with high foot traffic. That’s where the Penny Farthing can help. The Penny Farthing is a stylish, fun, stainless steel […]

Flexible Locker

Product Description From e-scooters to folding bikes and segways, the micro-mobility landscape is rapidly shifting as governments’ regulations and pop trends collide. You want to keep your project ahead of the pack but your Crystal Ball is broken? Never fear, the Flexible Locker is here! The ultimate flexible storage space built to future proof your […]

Easy Rider

Product Description When creating a bike room with a focus on quality amenities, the last thing you want is for junk to pile up and bring the place down. The Easy Rider locker is designed for riders to fit in the basics (helmet and shoes) and charge any essentials (like bike lights) throughout the day. […]


Product Description Prove you’ve thought of everything by being there for users with flat tyres. The Delorean is stylish, heavy duty and guaranteed to make all users feel like their bike room has their back regardless of what life may throw at them. A monolith of hope on a rainy day. This electric powered pump […]


Product Description A bike’s tyres can (and do) become flat and really put a dent on a users day if they don’t have the facilities to deal with the issue. Incorporating just any ol’ pump into your bike room won’t do the trick either – cheap pumps are often poorly made and require regular repairs. […]

Doc Brown

Product Description Users of bike rooms often need to make small tune-ups to keep their bikes on the road but many public work stands are poorly designed lacking either function to meet users’ needs or form to fit the space you are trying to make. The Doc Brown is the all in one repair station […]


Product Description When planning out a bike room there is often thin leftover space, which generally goes wasted. If you are looking to push your space hard but maintain a stylish, uncluttered feeling at the same time, the Halo is for you. The Halo is a beautiful feature piece forged from steel and timber and […]