The 2 Step

2 Step

Product Description The 2-Step is a double tier bike rack designed to match contemporary trends whilst meeting the needs of the future. With two tiers of storage, this rack maximizes vertical space, allowing you to store twice as many bikes compared to traditional racks. Users of the 2-Step can secure their bike with ease. Multiple locking points allow […]

Flow Hub

Product Description Say hello to the ultimate office pod. When you need flexibility in a fixed or open office, look no further than the Flow Hub. The Flow Hub combines an adjustable desk and fold down seats to maximise access and workplace flexibility. Give your users the privacy they need for meetings, video conferencing, quiet […]


Product Description Include a variety of locker options to cater to different people’s needs! The Tuni is a full height locker that can accessibly store full outfits whilst providing access to dual charging points and shoe store. Users are confident and happy with storage that caters to their needs so they can go from business […]

Box Locker

Product DescriptionAs employee’s working conditions are becoming more flexible, so should the space they work. Corner offices and permanent desks are becoming less and less common, meaning personal space for storing belongings at your desk is no longer an option. The Box Locker is the flexible office companion that molds to users’ needs.  Available in a number of tier options to […]


Product Description Modern offices are moving towards agile open plan spaces, saving businesses thousands each year through the reduced need for fixed desks. The downside is people don’t have space to put their stuff making them less motivated to come into the office. Show the users you care with thoughtful amenities like beautiful well designed […]


Product Description The increasing demand for flexible work environments means that corner offices and permanent desks are becoming less and less common. But you can (and should) still show your top talent that they are appreciated and valued by giving them them a reason to come back to the office. The Lumbergh is a high-quality […]


Product Description You’ve made a luxurious change room and want to add a special touch that will really tie the space together. Ottomans, or island seating, can elevate change rooms to the next level but typically come with a hefty price tag (not to mention the hassle of custom joinery). The Mustafa is a high-end […]


Product Description Most people want to look sharp but don’t have time to iron, especially those elaborate garments. Steamers can help but domestic steamers look like an afterthought and run out of water quickly. If you are looking to impress users with thoughtfulness and solve ironing as a problem, the Seymour has you covered. The […]

Iron Maiden

Product Description Your premium change room deserves a premium ironing station. Most fold down ironing stations are not sturdy enough for every day use and rarely get put away leading to a cluttered and potentially hazardous space. The Iron Maiden, designed for the heavy duty needs of commercial change rooms, is left and right hand […]

Towel Station

Product Description People love free towels! But that demand can quickly cause operational problems if not facilitated correctly. Our Towel Station is a simple design that distributes clean towels and collects the dirty ones, increasing user engagement, change room hygiene, and makes cleaners’ lives easier. Features / Benefits

Airing Station

Product Description Even the most luxurious change rooms can become uninviting when those stale and unpleasant odors linger. By including a designated space for airing out sweaty clothes, you’ll make stinky change rooms a thing of the past. The Airing Station uses mechanical ventilation to not only keep the odors where they belong, but to […]