Ultimate Buying Guide for Commercial Bike Racks

Written by: Five at Heart

In recent years, Australians have placed a greater focus on their health and fitness, largely brought on by the health implications of COVID-19 and people having more free time when working from home. According to a research conducted by health tracking and training app Vida Health, daily exercise minutes of their users have increased 43% since the outbreak of COVID-19 began. 

One exercise hobby that has dramatically increased in popularity is cycling, both as a means of exercise and as a transport option, particularly for those in larger cities. In fact, urban traffic count specialists MetroCount recently found that cycling levels around Australia have increased by up to 69% compared to pre-COVID numbers.

What this all mans is that people are looking for ways to easily include exercise, particularly cycling into their day-to-day lives, and one way that commercial property owners can take advantage of this trend, is by incorporating commercial bike storage into their office and commercial building spaces.

What makes commercial bike storage so popular?

Cycling has been a very popular mode of transportation for many years, and as we have mentioned, the popularity is only growing. For example in Melbourne, the Monash Public Transport Research Group found that bike commuting as a transport option is set to increase by 55% when compared to pre-COVID levels. 

Commercial bike storage also provides people with somewhere safe and secure to store their bikes, which is becoming more and more important as statistics have shown that bike theft is on the rise; according to a study by Bicycle Network, reported bicycle thefts in Victoria have increased by 81.2% since 2011.

Including commercial bicycle storage within your commercial building or office facility also shows that you care about your user’s carbon footprint, by encouraging people to cycle to work rather than drive in CO2-causing vehicles. 

In order to accommodate the growing popularity of bikes as a commute option, safe and secure commercial bike storage is fast becoming an essential amenity for office facilities and commercial buildings across Australia.

What are the different types of Commercial Bike Racks?

While there are many different bike rack options available for commercial bike storage, the most popular type of bike storage is the commercial bike rack, as they are compact, contemporary, and come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any aesthetic.

What type of bike rack you choose will depend on your requirements, available space, and who will be using these facilities.

  • Wall-mounted vertical bike storage is a great option for those who want to save space, for other amenities, or who have limited room to work with.  
  • Floor-mounted bike racks are great for those who have more room available to dedicate to their commercial bicycle racks and make a stunning visual statement. These can also be handy for commercial and office facilities who have older residents as the commercial bike racks are easier to use as there is no lifting involved for safe storage.
  • High-density bike rack options can fit more bikes within an allocated space for those with more users of the space.



Additional inclusions for your commercial bike storage

There are many other features you can include in your commercial bicycle storage in order to make your commercial bike storage facilities just that little bit better for its users.

Professional-quality bicycle repair stations can give your users added peace-of-mind that they have somewhere they can fix any cycling mishap that occurs on their commute. These repair stations can include everything required to repair anything from a tyre puncture, to a full bike checkup and maintenance appointment. 

There is nothing more frustrating than getting on your bike to cycle home after a long day, and realising your tyres are flat. Providing bike tyre pumps alongside your commercial bike racks within your commercial bike storage facility will help your users to remedy this annoying situation. 

Finally, providing a secure locker or other personal storage options will give your users somewhere to store their cycling clothing, helmet, or other items that they don’t want to carry around with them all day. 

How to choose the right bike storage for your needs

If you are interested in investing in a commercial bike parking rack or bicycle storage for your office or commercial building, then speak to the experienced team at Five at Heart who have been transforming businesses and workplaces around the world with their cutting-edge end of trip facility options. Get in touch with the Five at Heart team or give us a call on 1300 769 332 to get started on your way to improving your business facilities.