5 End of Trip Facilities Ideas for Commercial Buildings

More and more people are placing an increasing focus on their health; according to by health tracking and training app Vida Health, daily exercise minutes of their users have increased 43% since the outbreak of COVID-19 began. Because of this increased focus on health and wellbeing, end of trip facilities are becoming a desirable amenity for office buildings and workplaces around the world.

End-of-trip facilities are amenities within a business or office building that are catered to people who cycle, jog, or walk to work, as well as those who like to exercise before or after work, or during their lunch break. If you are considering investing in end of trip facilities for your commercial or residential building, this article has some inspiration and ideas to help you create the perfect end of trip facility.

Changing rooms

Change rooms are a pretty standard part of any end of trip facilities but investing in some stylish decor can make all the difference! Modern and functional lockers are an important amenity for change rooms, and there are many different kinds available. Investing in lockers that are not only safe and secure, but also big enough to suit your user’s requirements is important so ensure you consider these to choose what best suits your tenants’ needs.

Changing rooms should be a place of relaxation before the start of a busy day, or somewhere for people to wind down before they head home, so consider your use of materials and finishes to ensure that the look and feel or your change room facilities reflect this.

Beyond the bike rack

Much more than a standard bike rack, these dedicated storage rooms offer a place for your tenants or employees to store their bikes, safely and securely. Add some bike stands or racks for cyclists to park their bikes, and perhaps add a tire pump to help out cyclists who’s tires are feeling a little flat after a long ride to the office.

Another benefit of investing in bike parking facilities is it can actually help your building improve it’s green star rating;  green star points are an initiative from the Green Building Council of Australia, and are awarded for the incorporation of bicycle parking in commercial buildings and business offices, as a way to reduce the reliance on cars. Incorporating green star end of trip facilities can help to make your property even more attractive to prospective tenants.

So fresh and so clean

If you want to go above and beyond for your building residents or tenants, offering a towel laundry service that includes collection, washing, and return means that your tenants can enjoy clean fluffy, soft towels anytime they need them.

Additionally, including bathroom products like hand soap, body wash and shampoo and conditioner, or grooming products like hair dryers and hair straighteners is a nice touch, that is sure to be appreciated.

Dressed for success

Additional features that would be of great benefit to your tenants is including some items designed to make their lives easier. Amenities like clothing irons and clothes steamers will help your tenants to ensure they are looking their best after a long cycle to the office. Another smart idea is having a dedicated space or cupboards available for tenants to air out wet or not-so-fresh clothing; so there should be no need to shove that wet raincoat or stinky shoes into your backpack!

Investing in end of trip facilities for your commercial building

Well-designed end of trip facilities have increased in popularity so much that they have become an expected feature in new offices, and landlords of older buildings can improve their building’s functionality and attractiveness to tenants by installing these facilities.

If you are interested in improving the facilities of your commercial building by investing in end of trip facilities, then your first step should be speaking to the experienced team at Five at Heart.

Since 2007, Five At Heart has been transforming commercial and private spaces across the world by designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative end of trip facilities, change room amenities, bike parking, and office spaces to improve businesses and workspaces.

If you want some more inspiration and ideas for end of trip facilities for your commercial building, visit the inspiration gallery here, or to start the process to improve your commercial building by investing in end of trip facilities, get in touch with the Five at Heart team here or give us a call on 1300 769 332.

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