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We create the worlds best bike room, change room, and modern workplace experiences.

From bicycle parking and gear storage, showers and change rooms, to office floors and meeting spaces.

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Quality is everything. Functionality is key.

Support how people move with the best bike parking facilities the world over.

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Bring the energy & playfulness of riding a bike to your buildings.

We help optimise your space, provide intuitive products, and deliver the little luxuries; all part of the dream.


Create meaningful places where people want to work and play

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Transform spaces into assets by improving user experience


Promote community, flexibility and accessibility

The industry standard for commercial bike rooms, change rooms and modern offices.

From bicycle parking and gear storage, showers and change rooms, to office floors and meeting spaces. Forward-thinking businesses and commercial properties across the globe come to us to help them inspire and retain the best people by redefining their office experience.

We help you make spaces thrive and people smile.

Our Ranges

Bike Room

Maximise the potential of a space, while providing the best bike, locker & repair experiences for commuters of all fitness levels.

It is critical for building owners to offer modern spaces that fit the modern, active lifestyles that people and organisations are looking for.

Change Rooms & Lockers

Make getting to-and-from the office something to look forward to every time, with modern fit-outs, elegant designs, and practical touches – like ironing stations and clothing steamers.

We help create spaces that make arriving to and leaving the workplace, a breeze.

Modern Workplace

Our workplace lockers and pods are the very best a modern office can provide, combining timeless design with ultimate usability.

Create a workplace experience that delivers and enables people to work as comfortably & flexibly as they need.

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