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We design the ultimate bike rooms, change rooms, and modern workplace environments.

From bicycle parking and gear storage to showers and changing facilities, office floors, and meeting spaces, we create exceptional experiences for every aspect of your workday.
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Our Solutions

Bike Room

Maximise the potential of a space, while providing the best bike, locker & repair experiences for commuters of all fitness levels.

It is critical for building owners to offer modern spaces that fit all lifestyles that people and organisations are looking for.

Change Rooms & Lockers

Make getting to-and-from the office something to look forward to every time, with modern fit-outs, elegant designs, and practical touches – like ironing stations and clothing steamers.

We help create spaces that make arriving to and leaving the workplace, a breeze.

Modern Office

Our workplace lockers and pods are the very best a modern office can provide, combining timeless design with ultimate usability.

Create a workplace experience that delivers and enables people to work as comfortably & flexibly as they need.

Our Services

Towel Service

Why hassle with towel management when you can rely on our expertise?

Upgrade your end-of-trip facilities today and provide unmatched comfort! Reach out to us to learn more about how we can enhance your facility experience.

Cycle Heart Rating.

Analyse how your current or future end-of-trip facility measures up against global standards. 

Getting a Cycle Heart Rating is simple: organise site access and/or share the facility’s design plan with Five At Heart representative. We will then grade your facility on safety, security and overall usability by answering 70 careful crafted questions.

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