Sustainability starts here. Designing out waste is the first step to circularity (or circular design) and one we take seriously. This means thinking about our product’s end-of-life, identifying ways we can eliminate waste throughout all stages of the products life cycle, and taking action.
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Our Circular Range

We are happy to announce that we now offer a Circular Range of products with superior quality and longevity, ethical manufacturing practices, and of course a low carbon footprint.

Market Leading Longevity

Our Circular range allows for interchangeable parts to make servicing and upgrading units easy, eliminating the need for brand new products. Our bike racks are made of durable mild steel and thanks to their timeless design, they may never go out of style.

Our lockers are assembled with the robust Rafix Cam system and we only use PUR glue for our edging, making the carcass and doors water resistant drastically improving their life span.

Refurbs Made Easy

Reducing and reusing at its finest. Our Circular range uses standard dimensions for all our joinery products (as opposed to custom units) so that doors can be easily updated or upgraded in the future to keep up with modern colours and styles, minimising waste.

End-of-Life Solutions

Many years from now, when you finally have no more need for our products, we guarantee to come back and remove the units free of charge.

From there, bike racks will be re-powder coated and re used, and the lockers will get new doors and resold into the market. For damaged and unusable material, we will recycle the materials where possible