End of trip facilities, what are they and why are they in increasing demand?

End of trip facilities are cropping up in office buildings around the world, making it easier for those who choose the option of cycling, jogging, or walking to work to engage with comfortable, onsite facilities like showers, changing rooms, personal lockers and secure bike parking.

This article delves deeper into end of trip facilities and examines exactly what end of trip facilities are and why they could be the perfect addition for your building or business.

What are end of trip facilities?

End of trip facilities are places or rooms within a business or office building that are designed to support people who cycle, jog or walk to work rather than driving or taking public transport, or those who like to exercise before or after work, or during their lunch break.

End-of-trip facilities often include:

  • secure bicycle parking or storage
  • locker facilities
  • showers and change rooms

They can even offer extra features like ironing facilities and clothes steamers, and beauty facilities like hairdryers and styling tools, to help employees freshen up and get ready for their workday, and some even include bike repair stations for any unforeseen accidents that may occur on the way to work.

End of Trip Facilities Lockers

What kind of businesses are end of trip facilities suited to?

One of the best things about end of trip facilities, is that they aren’t specific to any kind of business or industry; almost any business or office space can benefit from well-designed, end of trip facilities. Essentially, any business or company that cares about the health, comfort, and wellbeing of the staff can benefit from investing in end of trip facilities.

What are the main benefits of end of trip facilities?

Providing end-of-trip facilities can encourage your staff to use non-motorised transport options like riding their bikes, walking or jogging to work, helping your business to promote a healthy, more active community. Another valuable benefit of investing in end of trip facilities is that it can help to reduce your employees or tenants reliance on cars, meaning less requirements of car parks or dedicated car spaces, as well as a macro benefit of reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Your business will also experience additional benefits from investing in end of trip facilities, including:

  • a healthier workforce
  • increased staff wellbeing
  • higher productivity
  • improved corporate image
  • reduced demand for car parking
End of Trip Facilities Bike Parking

Why are end of trip facilities increasing in demand?

End of trip facilities are increasing in popularity and have become a beneficial utility to a lot of companies, helping them to promote good health and fitness habits, and improve the day-to-day functions and productivity of a workplace. 

A recent study by Monash University has shown that investing in end of trip facilities can encourage staff to live a more active lifestyle;

“From my analysis I found more than half of respondents said these end-of-trip facilities help them cope with adverse weather conditions and help them ride to work,” said PhD student and lead researcher, Farhana Ahmed.

This is backed up by other research as well, the City of Sydney Active Transport Survey conducted this year found that 19% or cyclists rode more regularly because their workplace made it easier. Additionally,  76% of cyclists were interested in riding a bike more often, an increase from 67% in 2017, and 91% of those surveyed were interested in walking more often, compared to 84% in 2017.

This increase in interest in health and physical well being explains why end of trip facilities have become an essential facility for most businesses. 

Investing in the future of your workplace

As end of trip facilities become an expected feature in new-build offices, landlords of older buildings can also improve their competitiveness in the leasing market by installing these facilities too, and business owners that own their facilities can increase the desirability of their workplaces for their current and future employees by investing in end of trip facilities.

If you are interested in improving the facilities of your business or building by investing in end of trip facilities, then your first step should be speaking to the experienced team at Five at Heart.

Since 2007, Five At Heart has worked hard to transform spaces by designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative end of trip facilities, change room amenities, bike parking, and office spaces to improve businesses and workspaces across the world.

Design Consultation

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