We want the government to provide a modern transport environment that works for every traveller

1. Protect & Connected

The completion of a base network of connected and protected bikeways to build off within the first five kilometres of our major CBD’s by 2025.

The is should include a city circle line and major arterial routes heading north, east, south and west. Like a train network there should be an uninterrupted way from A to B.

This network will form the backbone to connect homes to where people work, where children study and where everyone plays.

2. All Trips Equal

Commit to all trips being created equal. Currently active transport gets less funding than the trips it contributes to the transport mix, let alone its contribution to reducing roads and public transport congestion, as well as the health and environmental benefits.

Every government’s infrastructure budget for active transport should at least match the mode share walking and cycling contribution each year.

3. Fund It

Only set goals that you can fund. Around the country, many government bodies have commendable ambitious targets for active transport that don’t relate to infrastructure investment.

If you want active transport to be 10% of trips, at least 10cents in every dollar spent on transport need sto be for active transport infrastructure.

We Believe

Cycling is key to the success of global cities and our businesses. It makes cities more liveable and it goes hand in hand with health and wellbeing. But cycling only works when it’s safe and efficient.

We Care About The Future

CyclingWorks Australia is a business led movement supporting government plans to implement infrastructure for active transport. We are leaders and major employers who care about our city’s future.

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I Am A Rider

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