Communicate Your Way Out Of Towel Loss

For every building offering a (complimentary) towel service, it’s almost inevitable: towel loss. Do towels magically grow legs and walk off? Probably not. A more likely scenario would be that some people are still half asleep, even after a refreshing shower (we get it, early mornings…), and accidentally put the towel in their locker or bag. Other people love the towels so much, they simply take them off-site. Not to mention the fact that towels get damaged, reach the end of their lifecycle or get lost.

No matter the reason, towel theft or loss can cause a lot of frustration. If too many towels are stolen, buildings tend to consider ceasing service. Here’s the good news: towel loss can be managed! The key to this? Communication. In this blog we’ll cover some effective ways to prevent and reduce towel loss in your building:

1. Utilise the end-of-trip sign-up moment

There’s a first time for everything, including the use of end-of-trip facilities. In most cases, a sign-up is required to provide new users access to the bike and change rooms. This moment forms the perfect opportunity to inform users on the rules around the complimentary towel service; whether through a welcoming email or an initial walk-through of the facilities. Use that opportunity!

2. Put-up a sign where it won’t be missed

A simple yet very powerful solution: provide a sign in your facility that reminds people that the towel service is a complimentary service and that towels are to be returned after use. Or even better: use one of Five At Heart’s towel loss sign templates and save time and effort creating one yourself (contact us if you want one!). Make sure to locate your signs close to the towel station, entrance and exit. This way, they’re hard to miss.

3. The right message 

Whether through email, during a walk-through or via signage; the type of message you bring across influences its effect significantly. The most important thing is to adjust your message to your building’s brand and occupants. Is the building inclusive of creative companies? Those companies and the people working for it often appreciate a sign with a humorous tone. Rather keep it more formal? Try out: “Please remember to return your towels so they may be cleaned and provided for the next user.”

Either way, highlight that your towels are here to stay! You might even try mentioning that those caught stealing will be held financially accountable for the loss. It sure will head a warning.

Would you like to learn more about Five At Heart’s towel service, or receive free sign templates? Make sure to contact us.

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