Why EOT Facilities are Essential to Office Properties

End of trip facilities have become a significant drawcard for commercial properties and one of the main features that tenants look for when they are considering office buildings. For new office and commercial buildings in particular, they can be a great differentiator to help attract and retain new tenants, and for office and business owners it can offer a unique way to attract and keep new employees. 

At Five at Heart, we are big believers in the many benefits of end of trip facilities for all types of buildings. We discuss why they have become essential for office properties and detail some of the main end of trip facility features that your office property can benefit from.

Why are end of trip facilities so popular for office properties?

End of trip facilities are increasing in popularity and have become a beneficial utility to a lot of companies, helping them to promote good health and fitness habits, and improve the day-to-day functions and productivity of a workplace. 

A recent study by Monash University has shown that investing in end of trip facilities can encourage staff to live a more active lifestyle, with the study finding that more than 50% of respondents said the availability of end-of-trip facilities affected their decision to ride to work in adverse weather.

With more and more people taking a keen interest in their health and fitness, it is imperative to meet this trend within your office facility by investing in end of trip facilities.

Why invest in end of trip facilities for your office property?

With the constant economic pressures on business due to the effects of COVID-19, and the resulting “great resignation” that has been seen here in Australia and around the world, employers are looking for new and different ways to attract and keep staff with better facilities and workplace environments that support better life balance and better living. For business owners, the trend towards end of trip facilities reflects an investment by business in the health and happiness of its workers, by creating workplaces that are more than just a desk and a computer; one that accommodates and enhances the modern worker’s lifestyle. 

According to research by commercial real estate services company, JLL, after the effects of COVID-19, employees now prioritise work-life balance over a comfortable salary, with 75% of survey participants expecting their employer to support their health, wellbeing and nutrition. 

This shows that end-of-trip facilities that support employees’ health and wellbeing are increasingly important for office properties.

As well as the benefits of investing in your office tenants health, end of trip facilities offer additional benefit such as: 

  • Increased staff wellbeing
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved corporate image
  • Increased morale
  • Reduced demand for car parking

What are the features of well-designed end of trip facilities?

To entice tenants to your office property, end of trip facilities should be designed to perfectly  maximise space and ease of use, with careful thought being given to every detail from sufficient bike storage to ensuring natural light and ventilation. 

Some great features to include in your office property’s end of trip facility includes bike rack or storage, lockers, bathrooms and shower facilities, and change rooms. If you want to go the extra mile for your tenants, you can include things like bicycle repair stations, tire pumps, or laundry and ironing facilities. 

End of trip facilities should be a place of relaxation, as they are where people gather before the start of a busy day, or somewhere for people to wind down at the end of the workday, before they head home. This is why it is important to consider your use of materials and finishes to ensure that the look and feel of your change room facilities promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation for its users. 

Investing in end of trip facilities for your office building

If you are interested in improving the facilities of your office building with well designed end of trip facilities, then your first step should be speaking to the experienced team at Five at Heart.

Since 2007, Five At Heart has been transforming office spaces across the world by designing, manufacturing, and installing creative and modern end of trip facilities to improve businesses and workspaces.

To get started on your journey to improve your office building by investing in end of trip facilities, get in touch with the Five at Heart team or give us a call on 1300 769 332.

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