Five at Heart UK/EU Market Update

Embracing the Surge: Bike Parking and End-of-Trip Facilities in the UK/EU

As the fiscal year 2024 comes to a close, we at Five At Heart are thrilled to reflect on the significant strides we’ve made in bike parking and end-of-trip (EOT) facilities across the UK and EU. Our commitment to fostering sustainable commuting practices has never been stronger, and the past year has seen remarkable growth in both bike parking and locker installations.

Market Trends: A Bright Future Ahead

The bike racks market is experiencing a robust growth trajectory. Valued at US$ 418 million in 2022, it is projected to reach US$ 562 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period of 2023-2030. This surge is driven by the increasing adoption of cycling as a primary mode of transportation, especially in urban areas where car space is limited.

The rise in bike parking and refurbishment across the UK and EU is a clear indicator of changing commuter preferences. The market in London and the broader UK continues to expand as more individuals turn to cycling and walking, influenced by the efficiency and environmental benefits of these modes of transport.

Comparing Markets: UK/EU vs. Australia

One notable difference between the UK/EU and Australian markets is the significant number of office commuters who cycle or walk in the UK and EU. This shift is largely due to the extensive and reliable public transport systems, which complement cycling and walking as preferred commuting options. In contrast, Australian commuters often rely more heavily on cars, given the different urban layouts and public transport infrastructures.

Looking Ahead: FY25 and Beyond

As we look forward to FY25, we are excited about the new projects on the horizon. The demand for high-quality bike parking and EOT facilities continues to grow, and we are poised to meet this demand with innovative solutions that cater to the needs of modern commuters.

At Five At Heart, we believe that the future of urban commuting lies in sustainable practices that promote health, well-being, and environmental stewardship. We are committed to leading this charge and making a positive impact on the cities and communities we serve.

Stay tuned for more updates and projects as we continue to shape the future of commuting in the UK, EU, and beyond.

Five At Heart

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