Designing for the Environment

At Five At Heart, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental footprint and adopting sustainable practices. Sustainable design is no longer just about reducing the environmental impact of buildings. It is also about creating healthier and more comfortable living spaces. So, expect to see a renewed focus on environmentally sustainable design that prioritises health and well-being.  

Notable trends that are driving the increased interest and adoption:

More Green Roofs and Green Walls  | Green roofs and walls are becoming more popular in urban areas. Next year, we can expect to see more buildings incorporating green roofs and walls into their designs.  A green roof provides a rainwater buffer, purifies the air, reduces the ambient temperature, regulates the indoor temperature, saves energy and encourages biodiversity in the city.

Practice of Passive Design  | Passive design is the practice of designing buildings that are naturally comfortable without the need for mechanical heating or cooling. In 2024/2025, we can expect to see more buildings incorporating passive design principles into their designs.  
The Australian Passive House Association reported 240 projects under way totalling nearly 1,200 dwellings across the country, one of which is 152-bed student accommodation building at Monash University, Melbourne.

Adopting a Circular Economy  | The circular economy is a system that aims to eliminate waste and promote the continual use of resources. We can expect to see more buildings incorporating circular economy principles into their designs, with Architects now looking at designing for Disassembly, Source re-used and recycled materials, material efficiency and design out waste.

Our Ongoing Commitment
At Five At Heart, we have always been part of the sustainable and green movement. Rooted in sustainability, we design and manufacture beautiful, innovative products that inspire people to choose sustainable transportation. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond product design. As a global company, we understand that every aspect of our business impacts the world, and we are taking steps towards a carbon-neutral future.

By embracing these growing trends and continually working to better our environmental footprint, Five At Heart is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for all.

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