574 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

A welcome pop of colour

About the project

The bike room at 574 St Kilda Road – BiC Australia’s headquarters – is the perfect example of racks being designed to efficiently fit into a smaller space while maintaining great user experience. The room features both our Wishbone and Cradle bike racks, which together cater for every type of cyclist. Parking a bike in this space is child’s play thanks to exceptional environmental and way-finding graphics which also inject a welcome pop of colour.

Products included in the space

/The Wishbone
/The Cradle


Location Melbourne, Australia

Architect Gray Puksand

Bike Parking Five At Heart

Google Spruce Goose Office, Los Angeles.

Famous hangar turned into office space

About the project

If there’s a list of the most iconic buildings around the world, this one down by LAX (Los Angeles’ International Airport) is definitely on it. The former hangar and home to the famous H-4 Hercules aircraft, has recently been transformed into this slick looking Google Office.

ZGF Architects oversaw the complete redesign, featuring open workspaces, elevated walkways and exposed timber beams. Its end-of-trip facility is just as sophisticated as the rest of the building and is filled with our Arcs. Fun fact: the building also featured in the movie The Aviator!

Products included in the space

/ The Arc


Location Los Angeles

Architect ZGF Architects

Bike Parking Five At Heart

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