4-6 Riverside Quay, Melbourne


Location Melbourne, Australia

Bike Parking Five At Heart

Lockers Five At Heart

Google Spruce Goose Office, Los Angeles.

Famous hangar turned into office space

About the project

If there’s a list of the most iconic buildings around the world, this one down by LAX (Los Angeles’ International Airport) is definitely on it. The former hangar and home to the famous H-4 Hercules aircraft, has recently been transformed into this slick looking Google Office.

ZGF Architects oversaw the complete redesign, featuring open workspaces, elevated walkways and exposed timber beams. Its end-of-trip facility is just as sophisticated as the rest of the building and is filled with our Arcs. Fun fact: the building also featured in the movie The Aviator!

Products included in the space

/ The Arc


Location Los Angeles

Architect ZGF Architects

Bike Parking Five At Heart

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