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Since 2007, Five At Heart has transformed spaces across the globe by designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative bike parking and change room facilities that exceed the needs of businesses and cyclists alike.

We change how people move by creating the best bike parking and change rooms the world over. Whether it’s commercial bike parking, office lockers or full-service change rooms, our goal is to make it easier for everyone to get on their bike and feel five at heart again.

We consult on projects big and small, keep riders rolling with fresh towels, and thrive in areas that others deem impossible to change. We’re innovators. We’re cyclists.

We’re Five At Heart.

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Want to see what we’ve accomplished in the past? Check out some of our projects from Australasia, Europe, and North America.

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Whether it’s a bike rack, locker, or secure enclosure, our products focus on maximising space and providing security.

Our Bike Room

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We keep your end-of-ride rolling smoothly by helping you maintain it, and providing fresh towels every single day.

Towel Service