With the opening of our London office and growing design projects in Asia we’ve seen some really cool trends in the office space. Here are a couple that we thought might interest you.

Beer and cereal

Both come from grain, and both are a must for the hip young office space. Going to work at places like Google, Etsy or in a WeWork shared office means all the perks. The fridges are stocked with beers, the cupboards have every cereal you can think of and a couple of times a week they will even cook for you. It’s all about people feeling at home.

Double decker lifts and sky lobbies

Particularly in large buildings, keeping the footprint of the lift core to a minimum is important. Having double stacked lifts or express lifts with sky lobbies breaking up intermediate levels has grown popular in Asia and North America.

Dog minding facilities

2o years ago this idea would have been laughed at, but get with the program it’s 2017. Everyone loves dogs, they are great! This is particularly common in America’s west coast at organisations like rover.com and it’s starting to gain traction in Australia like our friends at the Rea Group.

Hip fit out with exposed services & space to lounge

Ceiling tiles are dead! These days most buildings are keeping it edgy with exposed services and beautiful lounge reception areas. Some example setting the tone are Land Securities 80–100 Victoria Street, London and NAB’s Melbourne HQ at 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Bars and restaurants

More and more buildings are integrating great places to eat and drink as a central element of placemaking. Some great examples include the Walkie Talkie’s (AKA 20 Fenchurch Street, London) breathtaking Sky Garden or the Smokey  No. 1 Bent Street, by Mike in Sydney.

In-building gyms and wellness spaces

For the time poor, this is perfect. Buildings with small gyms are very popular in North America. In Australia we are noticing a trend towards adding a multi-function wellness space (think yoga & spin classes) to their facilities so it appeals to a broader audience without blowing the budget. One example of this is CBW, 181 William Street/ 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Outside lifts

Glass lifts! It might sound easy, but this number turns grabbing a coffee into an adventure, particularly if you are scared of height. Check out 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane to ride their elevator!

Co-working space and teleconferencing

Tenants are constantly wanting more for their money. The arrival of co-working and teleconferencing space is delivering on this need without driving up fit-out cost. A great example of this is WeWorkDexus Place & Little Tokyo Two

PS: if you haven’t seen Office Space (the movie from the title image, it’s a must).