Roden Cutler House, Sydney.

The ultimate end-of-trip experience

About the project

Named after the longest-serving Governor of NSW, Roden Cutler House at 24-28 Campbell Street is head office to Ausgrid. Just a stone’s throw from Sydney’s Central Station, this 19 storey building has a beautiful lobby. The end-of-trip facility offers plenty of horizontal parking, including both our Wishbone and Hoop racks. The spacious change rooms feature Five At Heart’s premium Pandora lockers, ensuring users the ultimate end-of-trip experience.

Products included in the space

/ The Pandora
/ The Wishbone
/ The Cradle
/ The Hoop



Location Sydney, Australia

Owner Ausgrid

Architect GroupGSA

Bike Parking Five At Heart

Lockers & Joinery Five At Heart

Who we’ve worked with...



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