Portwall Place, Bristol.

About the project

Portwall Place, one of the largest contemporary office buildings in Bristol, comprises 168,000 sq ft. Five At Heart assisted in repurposing an existing retail unit into a high-class end-of-trip facility. This included a high level design of the user flow, bike store, unisex lobby and change rooms. The end result is a great functional space that will help service the 1500 possible tenants.

Products included in the space

/ The Arc
/ Foldable Bike Lockers
/ Silver Bullet
/ Hoop
/ Bike Maintenance Station
/ Maximus II
/ Pandora
/ Airing Stations
/ Bike Lock Bars




Location Portwall Place, Bristol, UK

Owner Blackrock Investment Management

Developer Morgan Lovell

Specialist Design Morgan Lovell

Bike Parking Five At Heart

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