MLC Centre. Sydney

EOT retrofitted to one of Sydney’s architectural landmarks

What we did

This site is a pioneer of the EOT lobby concept, championed by Gray Puksand Architects in many of their projects.

Five At Heart was involved in the early design stages of the project, scoping locations to minimise car park lost whilst maximising user experience.

One of the best examples of good light design in Sydney. Drop by and check it out if you get the chance!

Notable Elements

/ The Arc
/ The Cradle
/ The Track
/ Service Stations
/ Foldable Bike Lockers
/ Flexible Change Rooms
/ Environmental Graphics




Location Sydney, Australia

Owner GPT/ QIC

Architect Gray Puksand

Space 73,100 SQM

Specialist Design Five At Heart

Bike Parking Five At Heart

Operational Plan Five At Heart

Who we’ve worked with...


Asia Pacific

North America