Cadworks, Glasgow.

Ramping things up.

What we did

This aesthetically pleasing ‘Skate-ramp-style’ entry at Cadworks makes for smooth access to the bike store. Once parked up, it offers some cool additions like a bike wash station so cyclists can clean off their pride and joy after a grubby commute. A stretching zone for warming up and a cool down zone for giving tenants a much needed blast of chilled air after their workout makes this space practical and user friendly.

‘In the DNA of any of FORE’s projects lie a vision which allows us and our partners to think and build forward. This vision is founded on carbon reduction, health & wellness, design & technology and community engagement.

The Five At Heart ‘design matters’ and ‘do good’ ethos is a perfect fit with ours and helps us collaboratively create spaces which are more than just amenities for commercial buildings. They are spaces where people collide, exchange and experience a new customer journey. Five At Heart have positioned themselves as a strategic partner. With their expertise being now rolled-out across the entire FORE portfolio, they have delivered to our expectations and more, introducing a range of new facilities such as stretch and cool down zones enhancing further the quality of our offering.’

Aurelien Collignon – Associate Director – FORE Partnership

Products included in the space

/ Arc
/ Cradle
/ Silver Bullet
/ Hoop
/ Folding Bike Lockers
/ E-bike Charging Stations
/ Maintenance Station
/ Manual Pump
/ Bike Wash Station
/ Full Bike Lockers
/ Maximus II
/ The Pandora
/ Charging Lockers
/ Airing Stations
/ Towel Stations
/ Cool Down Zone
/ Cavity Shower Slider




Location Glasgow

Owner FORE Partnership

Architect Cooper Cromar

Image Cooper Cromer

Specialist Design Five At Heart

Bike Parking Five At Heart

Joinery Five At Heart

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