Cone of Silence

Cone of Silence

The perfect command center.  Work better what ever you’re doing – 1 on 1 meetings, video conferencing, phone calls, or quiet time. The cone of silence combines integrated technology (native to Mac and PC), a 55” 4K touch screen, concealed wireless charging, science windows and premium finishes and components. It creates space for chaos and control and is a sound trap for the rest of the office.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Technology (4K 55″ Touch Screen, logitech audio visuals, google home, wireless charging, native to mac and pc) – Seemlessly fits into what you’re working on.
  • Sound proof compact space with multiple modes (1 on 1 meeting, video conferencing, quiet time, phone calls) – gives you privacy and productivity.
  • Science Window – that frost over at the touch of a button – for added privacy … and effect.
  • Premium Finishes (Leather, Upholstery and Corian) – set the stage.


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