Iron Maiden

Proven to stand the test of time.

Product Description

Your premium change room deserves a premium ironing station. Most fold down ironing stations are not sturdy enough for every day use and rarely get put away leading to a cluttered and potentially hazardous space.

The Iron Maiden, designed for the heavy duty needs of commercial change rooms, is left and right hand compatible and never needs to be "put away."

Features / Benefits

  • Ironing board is positioned parallel with the lockers to maximise space and flow.
  • Right and left hand compatible for improved accessibility.
  • Concealed storage helps ensure the space remains tidy while keeping essentials on hand.
  • Steel components and replaceable parts ensure minimal maintenance and to stand the test of time.

Interested in the Iron Maiden?

Technical Details

Unit Weight: 100 kg Height: 2000 mm Width: 1200 mm Depth: 450 mm
Warranty: 7 Years Lead Time: 6 Weeks

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