Product Launch 2018.

It’s not every day that you get to witness history in the making.

That might sound cocky, but we’re not talking about our newly launched products. We’re talking about the future of riding mixed with corporate wellness, where products can have a profound impact on someone’s choice to ride or drive to work.


If you couldn’t already tell, we’re all for less pollution, more cycleways and a healthier workforce. We know that a healthy workforce means happier workers, in turn leading to a more efficient, higher quality level of work for you and your business.

Our host of new products were designed for riders to improve the way they move to and from work, whilst at the same time ensuring we tackle low ceiling height problems, finding unique ways to increase bike count and making the best use of space available for the most efficient End of Trip Facility possible.

We keep people happy so that they can keep you happy.

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