Our response to COVID-19.

Hi there,

Just to add to the thousands of Coronavirus (COVID-19) policies that are attacking the world’s inboxes, we at Five At Heart thought we would get in on the action and make our position clear.

We’re 100% committed to the health and safety of our people, which includes our team, customers, partners, contractors, suppliers, people who use end-of-trip facilities, and as much as possible for a small company to influence, the general public. As COVID-19 has already hit the streets of all the countries we operate in, this is more important to us than ever.

We are taking several measures to minimise potential issues within our little ecosystem. These include, and are broken down into, the following categories: General, Design Consulting, Products and Towel Service. These precautions should not cause alarm. We have had 0 COVID-19 cases to date within our team and intend on maintaining this record. They are purely being introduced to raise awareness and reduce the risk of any exposure.


  • A working group is meeting daily to monitor the situation to make sure all actions are being taken.

  • Where possible, the team is implementing flexible and remote working to reduce exposure to higher risk areas.

  • We have ceased all international business travel and are limiting domestic travel and group gatherings where possible.

  • We are completing daily records of locations visited and person(s) in close contact for all staff, which will assist proactively should any health mapping need to occur.

  • We are complying with Federal government directions and the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Usage of personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves and personal protective masks) has been reinforced for our team members, including drivers, cleaners, and other service workers at touch points where Five At Heart conducts business.

  • We are ordering self-quarantining for all employees and workers who have returned from overseas for 14 days.


  • We are actively reducing face to face meetings wherever possible.


  • We have worked hard to uphold our global supply chain to make sure we maintain on-time delivery of our products globally. The only component affected to date is a nylon roller we use in our Pushbike Track bike rack. We are working to resolve this. At this stage, the current ETA is May 2020, however, we will work to mitigate on any affected projects.

  • We have segregated our manufacture and installation into sub-teams to limit the spread and business continuity impact of any COVID-19 outbreak.


  • We continue to wash and dry our towels and towel bags according to local standards, ensuring disinfection to the highest standards. If you’d like to learn more about these standards, our team can provide you with the relevant documentation.

  • We only pick up towels that are properly bagged and safely stored in trolleys. Soiled towels on the ground will not be collected.

  • All of our trucks are cleaned after unloading soiled towels and before loading clean towels. Cleaners are provided with a face shield, leather gloves and if desired, a face mask.

  • We instruct our drivers to maintain ‘social distancing’ with people at pick-up and drop-off points.

  • Towel trolleys are cleaned daily and placed free from any foreign matter.


  • Increase the frequency of cleaning your end-of-trip facilities and surrounding common areas, lift buttons and other areas that are accessible to the public.

  • Don’t worry about requesting less towels. Towel delivery will automatically be adjusted to the number of dirty towels picked up. The system should self adjust to volume.

  • Cycle or walk to and from work and or between meetings to limit exposure.

  • Stay safe out there. Obviously double down on hygiene and social distancing. And if you feel unwell and have COVID-19 symptoms, or if you’ve recently returned from a high-risk area, follow the protection measures as advised by the World Health Organisation.

  • Notify us if any of your team members or other partners have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Our team is continuously monitoring the situation and we’ll be updating this page. However, we recommend you to stay up-to-date via the website of the World Health Organisation.

We’re in this together. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Five At Heart

Who to contact if you have questions?

– Australian Design Consulting Projects: josh.kimberley@fiveatheart.com
– Australian Product Projects: matt.white@fiveatheart.com
– Australian Towel Services: heaven.johnson@fiveatheart.com
– European Design Consulting Projects: frank.morgan@fiveatheart.com
– European Product Projects: greg.howarth-hough@fiveatheart.com
– European Towels Services: darren.williams@fiveatheart.com
– North America (Design Consulting/Product Projects/Towel Services): zanna.worzella@fiveatheart.com