Mrs O’Learys Competition

Design a bike space and win a trip for 2 to Chicago.

A place where carparks are cooler than normal buildings, market halls are 25 stories high and even McDonalds looks stunning – that’s Chicago. Chicago has so much to offer, also when it comes to cycling. Being one of the best bike cities of the country, Chicago is known for low-stress bike lanes and some of the best end-of-trip facilities. Have you ever dreamed of cruising along its iconic skyline? Now is your chance! Join the Mrs O’Leary Cow Competition and win a trip to this famous architectural city. 

The history

Chicago’s architectural skyline grew out of the after-effects of the Great Chicago Fire that wiped the city, leaving a blank canvas to rebuild upon. The most popular tale suggests that the fire was started by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, who allegedly knocked over a lantern in a barn (we’re not sure it’s true, but we like the story). This caused the fire that burned through the whole city, which created a vacuum for architectural talent resulting in the new generation of buildings Chicago is famous for today. 

How to join

Joining the competition is easy: design an end-of-trip facility (bike and change room) that uses space in a creative, innovative and practical way. Create an architectural plan and amaze us with your unique ideas before requiring our help. Simply send your architectural plan to and make sure to:

  • Share it in PDF format
  • Include at least 100 bike racks into the space
  • Hand it in before October 1st, 2021

Already working on a plan with us? Your plan can still take part in the competition. Just let us know you want to join.

Some things to help you get started

We’ll be judging your plan against criteria that are all about user experience and the application of relevant bike parking standards. Make sure to read up before you start drawing.

Need to get some products to put in the space? Request REVIT files of our products via

The prize

The winner receives:

  • Return flights for 2 people to Chicago
  • Transfers to and from the airport to your hotel
  • 4 nights accommodation, twin share 
  • 2 x 3 day pass for Divvy – Chicago’s Bike Share Program
  • An iconic Chicago River Architecture Tour (75 minutes) 

We will announce the winner during our 2022 Product Launch Event and through our social media channels.

The rules

This competition is a game of skill. For the full Terms & Conditions, visit this page.