Let’s Roll

Let’s Roll is Five At Heart’s free cycling encouragement platform for our towel service buildings. Our aim, to get people on their bikes and enjoying the freedom of the ride.

Through a series of freebies, events and competitions, we are removing barriers and reminding people that riding bikes is still as fun as it was back when you were five.

Sign up to get access to loads of free stuff including, bike maintenance and fitting sessions, personalised route planning maps, monthly newsletters, discounted bicycle insurance and bike road side assistance by RACV (only available in Melbourne at the moment).

On top of this, by being awesome and encouraging your mates to ride in and post selfies together from your bike cage, you will earn points towards our major prize called ‘choose your bicycle mecca’. A European adventure for two where you get to either check out the Tour de France or go riding through the windmills of Holland.

We are here for however you roll.

Click HERE to visit our Sign Up page and get moving.