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Standards & Planning Codes

The latest standards & codes, comprehensively compiled. When designing the perfect bike parking facility in Australia, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the AS 2890.3 (2015) – that is, the Australian Standard for Bike Parking Facilities.

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We’ve been around the block a few times and have lots to share. From what we’ve been up to lately to our discoveries and findings in all things cities, building and transport. Have a look and we’re sure you’ll find something useful!

What We Do
What We Do

Global Trend Report

The last couple of years have been heavily defined by a pandemic that has caused disruptions large and small to every major economy in the world.

We are beginning to witness how these disruptions are affecting transportation and real estate as social-distancing is becoming a new normal.

Cycle Heart Rate

Analyse how your current or future end-of-trip facility measures up against global industry standards.

Getting a Cycle Heart Rating is simple: organise site access and/or share the facility’s design plan with a Five At Heart representative. We will then grade your facility on safety, security and overall usability by answering 70 carefully crafted questions. Easy as pie.

What We Do